Unfinished Business: André 3000’s “I Do”

07.01.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

Realistically speaking, finding “the one” involves the chance of a lifetime; an opportunity meets prayer type of deal, if you will. At the transitional age of 25, now is the point in life when marriage holds cultural significance as people, still young, predicate their futures based on what feels explicitly right in the present. And that’s fine. Two weeks ago, while attending a wedding in Charlotte, the only song applicable to the moment – in my mind, at least – proved to be André 3000’s “I Do.”

Let’s get the formalities out of the way first. The record remains “unfinished” and is expected to be featured on Young Jeezy’s often-suspended, fourth solo album in Thug Motivation: 103. With Jeezy claiming the album is done, there’s a possibility the final version could be released sooner than later, which isn’t bad idea. It will mark an inviting change of pace from the other trunk pounding, pro-trapping singles he’s exonerated like “Ballin'” and “All White Everything.” Despite those pre-determined intentions, however, part of me wishes Dré would finish the record himself in the same manner Trey Songz did with Twista’s “Girl Tonight” years ago.

“Her proud like her mother and ooohh mom is sweet
So you just know that juicy fruit ain’t gon’ fall too far from the tree…”

“International Players Anthem” is the premiere highlight of Three Stacks’ Hailey’s Comet-like run through Hip-Hop since Idlewild. And it should be. Yet, “I Do” – which tackles a similar concept of ending with vows at an alter – stands as an overshadowed piece on the mantle of André Benjamin. The synthetic rapping/singing union, often a controversial tactic amongst rappers these days, was, in fact, the reason this song remains as compelling as it did a year ago. He rapped when he needed to and harmonized when necessary to drive home the motive of the record. He made it sound cool to tie the knot. In just over 120 seconds, André successfully broke down the universal code all humans thirst for in some aspect or another, sometimes too much. A marriage signifies mutual appreciation in its most intimate form.

Whether the enigmatic ATLien has even thought about this song since recording it is beyond me. Who even knows if Dré cares to read the Internet? In the slim chance he does, here’s to him coming across this small corner of the web. I’m not even asking for a full album. Crawling always comes before walking, anyway. All I’m requesting is he just add another two minutes to what’s already there.

André 3000 – “I Do”

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