Universal Records Disgraces King Of Pop

01.29.10 8 years ago 21 Comments

Imagine if every time you were cruising your whip, getting down to a jam, the record label of said song sent you a subpoena saying you didn’t have the rights to sing-along. The word “appalled” comes to mind, or maybe even “dumbfounded.” Either way, that’s exactly what’s happening to Michael Jackson, or to his estate rather.

As if his fortunes haven’t been pillaged enough, the petty hound-dogs at Universal Music Group are going after Mike’s estate for $3k, after the above video surfaced of the The King simply dancing to R Kelly’sIgnition (Remix)” in his car as part of the TV show, “Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies.”

Universal’s acting like their hit-maker extraordinaire, Ja Rule, stopped selling records or something. Or, maybe they’re simply trying to make up for a fuck up and scrape together another couple of bucks to re-up copies of Wale’s album. Oh, I got it. How could I have been so foolish? These dumbasses are just trying to recoup for all those dusty-ass copies of Relapse: Refill that didn’t get shoved down our throats quiiiite far enough.

Whatever their stingy strategy is, Universal should use a sense of decency, suing for what amounts to a casual usage of song and, actually, shows some reverence from one embattled star for another. For them to go after one of the most sacred figures in the business – no, the world – for mere pennies, is not only in bad taste, but could end up costing them a lot more in public relations fees when fans get wind of the stink.

Now Either R. Kelly Ain’t Sh*t… [Miss Jia]

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