A Once In A Lifetime Hip-Hop Celebration

03.03.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

This video just made my month and we’re not even a week into March yet. By now, we all know how addictive ESPN is. At its core, the company is everything a self-respecting sports-loving man could ask for. Yet and still, the “worldwide leader in sports” will show completely random events just to ensure they cater to every single demographic in existence – see “World’s Strongest Man Competition” or professional pool. Every now and then though, they luck up and show something so great, so hilarious, so replay worthy that you understand their blueprint.

This is one of those times.

Apparently, the national championship for Hip-Hop dance teams was held in January and of course the house Chris Berman built was there to cover the entire spectacle. The University of Memphis Tigers ended up taking home first place (much respect for them incorporating Big K.R.I.T.’s “Country Sh*t” in their routine though). What happened next would eventually go down in sports history. I am not sure of the young lady’s name, but upon finding out her squad received top honors, she proceeded to launch into one of the greatest celebrations ever. Think Kevin Garnett’s “Anything Is Possible!” and Ron Artest thanking his psychiastrist and now multiply them by 10 million. The two minute clip is that amazing and, although I hate using the word, that epic. Without sounding too much like a pervert, it’s like she is having the most intense recorded orgasm in world history. Someone shoot this video to Charlie Sheen because this is winning, my friends. And this is why the technology gods gave of YouTube.

What makes the video even better are the guys watching it unable to control their own laughter. I dare you to try to do the same. You can’t. But then again, my sense of humor is allows me laugh at damn near anything, so who knows. That reaction is pretty damn amazing either way.

Respect: Deadspin

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