Do As I Say, Not As I Do: University of Oregon Sells Team Edition Nikes After Suspending Players For Doing The Same

12.03.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

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Words by Bansky

A lot of NCAA rules make no sense. No, a ton of them make no sense to me.

The 35-second shot clock and the possession arrow in basketball. The one foot in to make a catch in football. But every once in a while something off the field or court makes me even more confused than ever imaginable.

The University of Oregon’s athletic department is auctioning off memorabilia on their website, Oregon Authentic,to raise money for the school’s athletic programs. That’s cool, right?

Well, yeah, but you may remember that they suspended Ducks basketball players Dominic Artis and Ben Carter for pretty much doing the exact same thing last month.

On the Oregon Authentic, which specializes in “University of Oregon team-issued and game-worn apparel,” items like a $10,000 football helmet, or the jersey of a former women’s basketball player are up for grabs, and some how some way this falls under NCAA guidelines. To add to the hypocrisy, there is even a tab for “Shoes” in which they sell special edition “team issued” shoes. They recently auctioned off a team issued pair of Nike Zoom Revis for $345 and a pair Nike Zoom Hyperfuse, which sold for $205.

When Artis and Carter were caught selling pricey, players-only Jordans, they were suspended for nine games and ordered to give $1,800 to charity. When Terelle Pryor reportedly sold Ohio State memorabilia and traded some for tattoos, he was suspended for five games (the suspension even rolled over to the NFL) and ordered to “repay” the university $2,500 for the goods.

The contradiction is hilarious and even funnier is the idea that Oregon would need to raise money for their athletic department. The university’s football team, a perennially top 10 ranked group, is currently at 96 straight sellouts of its shiny, 56,000-seat stadium. In fact, that same stadium received a “facelift” in 2002 that cost $90,000,000 and the school just built a new, $68 million football facility. This is the school many have called “The University Of Nike,” a nod to the contributions of their most famous alumni, Phil Knight, and his generous donations.

But just in case they do need the money, the $10K helmets apparently “sold out in about 30 minutes” last time they were on sale. Maybe they should auction off some of the kicks that Artis and Carter were selling next since they’re apparently worth around $1,800.

Anything to make a buck, right?

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