Unlikely Alliances: Freddie Gibbs x Best Coast

08.05.10 7 years ago 22 Comments

In one of the more interesting and unexpected blunt sessions of the year, Yours Truly presents Freddie Gibbs rolling up with indie-rock newcomers Best Coast at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival. While this isn’t Freddie Gibbs’ first collaborative effort with lo-fi-leaning Californians, it certainly serves as the most introspective. Here are three things that I noticed from Gangsta Gibbs’ smoke break.

1. “We’ve both been Freddie-d.” — Much like Bill Simmons’ new LeBron James-influenced euphemism for masturbating, I think Best Coast lead singer Bethany Cosentino just coined the newest euphemism for one too many blunts to the face.

2. Freddie’s smoking tolerance — We all know Freddie likes to smoke–a lot. But was it eye-opening to just me that one human being can smoke (individually or shared) 21-30 blunts per day? By himself he keeps the guy selling him cigars at the Circle K employed and Swisher Sweets in business.

3. The Wal-Mart Effect’s presence in the Californian medical marijuana industry — Freddie’s reluctance to supporting weed refineries in California couldn’t have been understated enough. Without making too much of a shameless plug for Charles Fishman’s manifesto, the author argues that Wal-Mart has a detrimental, economic crowding-out effect of smaller, independent businesses in most markets–an idea that is directly correlated with Gibbs’ assertion of the dispensaries’ bully-like presence. While I’m sure that Fishman didn’t intend for his opinion to stretch into the black market, I’m assuming he wouldn’t disagree with Gibbs’ sentiments. Why buy your buds (or your Miracle Whip) from a faceless, apathetic corporation when you can get the hands-on, individualized service of your local Saul Silver (or Mom-and-Pop grocery store)?

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