UNN Presents Shop Talk With Killer Mike

11.21.08 9 years ago 6 Comments

With a mix of my words, loose quotations & Mike’s own words, here’s a brief synopsis for those of you video-impaired by your jobs.

1. Talent & ambition go together.

2. Respects Soulja Boy as a businessman. Good jingle music. Traditional Southern dance songs.

3. Doesn’t like people complaining about good music not being out there. 30 year olds don’t buy rap music. They complain.

4. 30 year olds don’t buy rap music. They just complain. “When I say they don’t buy rap music, they don’t buy catalogues. They don’t buy NWA. I can tell you five other groups that was hotter the time NWA was out. ‘Cause I bought Section 8 Mob, The Dayton Family, I bought the Geto Boys. They played none of that music on the radio. I was just serious about rap music because rap music spoke to my conditions.”

5. As a people, an audience, we caught up in the fantasy. We think because we got a watch like Jeezy, we’re Jeezy. We buy a used Charger, we think we on Grand Hustle. If I was at Club Pure, I was balling with Michael Jordan. No. You got to go work in the morning brotha. Music that you listen to maybe should reflect your struggle.

6. Need to raise our level of expectation.

Courtesy of UNN TV.

Found in the inbox…

LMAO….yo this is too hilarious. I damn sure eat turkey, but real talk I can’t believe how oblivious this woman is to the turkey getting merked in the background. Classic material.
– El Rosado

“When did ‘Fight The Power’ become ‘Wait til you see my dick?’…From Kool Herc to ‘Whistle while you twerk’.”

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