Stunt Hard With The Young Money Debit Card

11.09.10 7 years ago 21 Comments

Wouldn’t it be nice having money to blow like the Young Moolah crew? Well, if you want to cop Maybachs, sport Martin Margiela highs and spray thousands of dollars into the air by shaking a green bottle – just like Lil’ Weezy and Drizzy Driz – then I have fantastic news for you. There is now a Young Money debit card available for public splurging. 

By associating yourself with the Young Money card and lifestyle, you ensure your block bread never gets gaffled by One-Time during search & seizure. Plus, you cut your rubber band budget down almost completely and have access to numerous exclusive privileges. Can’t find the newest YM track? Access free downloads from the card! Need that gold grill permanently embedded in your lower jaw? The Young Money Card is accepted by numerous dental providers! Credit checks? We don’t even know what you’re talking about!!!

To sign up immediately and become the newest member of the Young Money clique; send your social security number, any current banking info and all your savings to the Williams Bros National Trust Fund. Or you could just use a real bank.

Dumb ass.

Young Money Debit Card Applications Go Public [HipHopDX]

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