“This Is Really That Gangsta Rap…”

03.06.09 9 years ago 5 Comments

Attention Crooked I fans, your wish may finally come true.

Ever since the Dodger-blue-wearing emcee bolted from Tha Row, eager gangsta rap addicts have waited impatiently for the leaks of the two unreleased LP’s he did while signed to the label: Untouchable and Say Hi To Tha Bad Guy. The albums were supposedly recorded before his contract expired in 2003, and the way people still talk about these things, it’s like the Mayans laced the hooks or some shit.

Now, though, since the world’s most dangerous label is under new ownership and it’s catalogue has been dispersed amongst the highest bidders, the once unattainable material seems to be making its way towards the Internet. Thanks to the unwavering DubCC community, specifically DeathRowsFinest and Peter Stannard, we’ve got what seem to be a few drips.

Above is a still-frame video that plays snippets from the one of two buried treasures, Say Hi To Tha Bad Guy and below are finally some links to high-quality versions of a few tracks that leaked over five years ago.

I know, it’s not quite the real deal or an official new release. But hey, fiends gotta get their fix, right?

Crooked I – I’m So Crooked

Crooked I Feat. Sisqo & Juvenile – So Damn Hood (Remix)

Crooked I Feat. Eastwood, Ray J & Ja Rule – Who Wants To Fuck Tonight?

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