40 Days & 40 Nights With The Nike+ FuelBand

05.17.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

Ever since the one-week review, people have been asking me questions about my experiences with the Nike+ FuelBand. Was I still using it? Do I think it’s worth the money or just another trendy gadget? Still working out or letting the Band collect dust? So as a broad, sweeping set of answers to all inquiries, I’ll let you know where the battle for physical fitness stands after 40+ days with the Band.

1. I had to lower my daily goal because gunning for 3,000 (which was supposed to be “easy”) wasn’t cutting it. In fact, the disruption to my daily routine was buggin’ me so adapting to a program that fit made the most sense. Let’s face it: spending hours chained to a PC or phone isn’t always conducive to exercise. Try as I might to incorporate different activities into my day, cranking out enough laps on the treadmill wasn’t always an option when the day called for producing out content.

2. Even though I lowered my goal, I’m happy with the amount of exercise I’m getting. Prior to the Band, I had no regular workout routine and any exercise was related to messing around with my kids. Now, each day consists of at least 2.5 miles of walking while simultaneously sampling new music. Working while working out means killing two birds with one stone. How do I know my walks were 2.5 miles?

3. I’ve started using the Nike+ GPS app. Originally, I bought the Nike+ iPod sensor that’s inserted into any shoe that’s marked as Nike+. Then, my guy put me on to the app, which has gotten great reviews in comparison to the sensor, trumps it in price ($2 for the app, $20 for the sensor) and obviously easier to manipulate since using the app means carrying my phone as opposed to rotating the sensor into different sneakers. For serious runners, handling a phone may pose an issue so personal preferences here.

4. After about 30 or so days, I’d accumulated 100K Fuel points*. #Smugface just like the cutesy little guy seen in the pic above. This animated fellow makes cheers and dances each time you reach a milestone, knock out your goal across several days and or do anything else notable. Even as adults, getting that little “gold star” sticker feels good.

5. If your wrist isn’t moving, you may not be gaining points. All of which sucks because my six-year-old finally started pushing a big boy bike and we’ve been doing daily rides. As others have pointed out, you kind of feel cheated when you do extensive workouts but don’t pick up points because hand movements weren’t strongly involved. Still, knowing that updates catering to hoops and other sports are coming, expect to see the product go through changes to account for different types of movements.

Of course, I’ve adapted by doing the “mall-walk” like old folks (or the Santino “strut-walk,” according to David). Who cares? Whatever it takes to get points, I’m doing that.

6. My focus is still strong, my eyes are still on the prize and, as a result, my thougts on the FuelBand are still strong and positive. As previously stated, the gadget won’t make you work out. However, it will motivate you to get up, get out and be active. In the long run, that’s all that matters.

* – At the time of this writing, my total points are right over 155K.

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