Upstairs Studio Presents 4-Ize – Professional Ignorant

12.06.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

The one they call 4-Ize doesn’t have a lick of sense but possesses some skills in his microphone endeavors. That’s why he’s proclaiming himself as the Professional Ignorant for his album to the streets. But don’t confuse his intentional buffoonery with slacking in the studio. Not only does the ATL Hawk’s LP have a plethora of witty punchlines and Trading Places excerpts to gel the monkey business together, but there is also firepower in the hired help like B.o.B, De La Soul, Gucci Mane, and, of course, Señor Kaos.

Bananas in pajamas and the trap is still going ham!

Download — 4-Ize – Professional Ignorant

Thanx: DJ Booth

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