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01.20.10 14 Comments

In a move perhaps more ridiculous than printing “In God We Trust” on a piece of paper the Bible deems as the root of all evil, weapons manufacture Trijicon, has been hiding little biblical references inscribed on gun sights and selling them to the US military as per their $600 million dollar multi-year contract.

Oh dear. Once again the line between church and state is being blurred with money soaked in the holiest of waters. Though they claim to have had no previous knowledge, I’m having a tough time believing that the military did not notice the inscriptions before agreeing to fork over 600 mill to Trijicon in the multi-year deal. Don’t they thoroughly inspect all weaponry before purchasing them? I would think so, at least that’s what I learned from my years of watching violent action flicks. But on the other hand…

This particular sight is coded with JN8:12. Who the hell was going to catch on to that shit? Even with nine years of Catholic schooling under my belt, I couldn’t tell you what it meant if I saw it. I would’ve assumed it was just regular military serial mumbo jumbo. But it isn’t. It’s John 8:12 which states:

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Yeaaah, that is not going to help the War On Islam Terror controversy regarding the Iraq war one bit.

But let us not miss the bigger picture here. We can now bank on the idea that our men and women will be returning home from what seemed like a never ending war. Because even though “Allah” is on “their” side, we now have God on ours and from him all blessings flow. That’s unless they’re both one in the same. Yeah, then we’re in one dill of a pickle.

Marine Corps Concerned About ‘Jesus Guns,’ Will Meet With Trijicon [ABC]

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