Team USA Coasts To Victory Over Spain In Final Tune-Up Game

07.25.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

After surprising a whopping zero people worldwide, Team USA went undefeated in their “pickup games” in preparation for the real games in London. Now, all that stands in the way of Team USA is eight Olympic victories which actually count. In their last tune-up against Spain – the team everyone with even the slightest basketball knowledge is expecting to meet the United States in the gold medal game – Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and company overcame a sloppy first quarter to drop the hammer on the Spaniards who were without Marc Gasol.

— Melo appears energized coming off the bench. After his Knicks teammate Tyson Chandler went out with foul trouble early, Anthony would then explode for 23 of his 27 points in the first half.

— Speaking of The King, LeBron carried the second half and ended up with 25 points and seven assists. I’m (hopefully) eight wins away from lighting a Suge Knight/Red Auerbach-hybrid victory cigar for the completion of the “LeBron James Redemption Tour” I convinced myself would happen in January.

— Anthony Davis should get a respectable amount of tick over the next two weeks. One because America needs his height. And two because he looks to be grasping the flow of the game. If he plays well in the Olympics, imagine what this will do for his confidence once the season starts. Is The Big Easy big enough for two egos the size of Austin Rivers and The Brow (who will have won National Player of the Year, a national championship, been the #1 overall draft pick and won a gold medal all before the NFL regular season started)? Who knows, who cares, it wasn’t a serious question anyway. Let’s all let Davis cook.

— This may come off as ignorant, so my apologies. But was I the only one who thought Ricky Rubio was playing? Seriously, it looked like during one possession Rubio got the rebound, passed it to another Rubio who then shot it. It was scary, amazing and weird all at the same (damn) time.

Video: Lakers Highlights TV

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