Vampire Weekend To Release Third Album This Spring

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After a three-year hiatus, New York City pop-afro-Paul Simon Graceland cover band, Vampire Weekend, have announced that spring 2013 will see the release of their still untitled third studio album, the follow-up to 2010’s Contra. Q Magazine recently caught up with the group as they were finishing recording in a Brooklyn studio, as the several hundred-word article summed up everything that comes with being a famous band that has writer’s block.

So here’s what you should know: it’ll be “darker,” more “organic,” will continue the stories of characters introduced on the previous albums and three years in internet time really does feel like 43 years in real time.

Dropping the veil of objective content provider for a second, I’m stoked–like snort-a-Pixie-stick, piss-my-boxer-briefs ecstatic. As AJ can attest, all I wanted for Christmas was word that VW would, in fact, release an album this year, because I’m one of those assholes who unironically and earnestly listens to Contra and Vampire Weekend in Sperrys and colored khakis. Make no mistake about this news: the band’s fervent base is f*cking amped.

Also, below is a track called “Unbelievers” from the upcoming album.

As for these so-called “characters,” here’s an uninformed, wholly-based-in-stereotypes guess at what they’re doing now:

1. The diplomat’s son (from “Diplomat’s Son,” Contra)

If the father represents a nation in good-standing with the U.S., then Dad just bought him a swanky place in Chelsea. If not, Paris or Moscow. If North Korean, then Pyongyang.

2. That girl who moved to Washington Heights after graduation (from “A-Punk,” Vampire Weekend)

Still lives in Washington Heights. Probably pursuing her master’s in art history, but more than likely an extra on Girls.

3. The ladies of Cambridge (from “The Ladies of Cambridge,” Mansford Roof Single)

Working for a PR start-up in either Boston, D.C., Philly or New York or followed politician-in-the-making boyfriend to the District to do… something. Or spurned an introverted future billionaire.

4. The girl Ezra Koenig sings about in “I Think Ur A Contra” (from “I Think Ur A Contra,” Contra)

Still a contra, still trying to piece together the analogy between her being a Nicaraguan counter-revolutionary and her just not liking the guy.

5. Pretentious asshole Ezra Koenig sings about in “Oxford Comma” (from “Oxford Comma,” Vampire Weekend)

Recent college graduate, an asshole freelance editor and writer and probably the inspiration for #8 in this slideshow.

S/T: Paste, Q

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