Someone At The Vatican Is Downloading Tranny & BDSM Porn

04.08.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

After being told by a DVD rental store owner in Limerick, Ireland that Vatican priests were getting their hands on DVD screeners, popular bittorrent news site TorrentFreak went on an investigation to find out whether those screeners were being illegally downloaded. What they found instead was rather shocking.

But just when the whole exercise was beginning to fall a bit flat, we spotted some downloads to get pulses racing. It seems that while Vatican dwellers aren’t all that interested in Hollywood movies, they do enjoy adult related celluloid.

In the interests of science we researched each of the titles (including the curiously named RS77_Episode 01 (NSFW)) and discovered that downloaders in the Vatican have one or two unusual ‘niche’ interests. We won’t link to our discoveries here, but feel free to do your own ‘research’ using the titles shown above. There isn’t a commandment that covers these films directly, but some might argue there should be.

WA = “Whipped Ass”
RS77 = “Russian Slaves”
TPH = “Transsexual P*ssy Hunters”

Read the full story at TorrentFreak.

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