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Masika Kalysha

Vatican Says Homer Simpson Is A ‘True Catholic’ [Gawker]

Fear Of A Black Planet: Black Presidents in Film and Television [Pajiba]

Ron Artest Taking a Jab at LeBron? [Hoop Doctors]

‘Jackass 3D’ Stars on Girlfriend Pranks, Disgusting Stunts and Shots To The Groin [Moviefone]

Tyra Banks Sued for $3 Million by Mom of Teenage Sex Addict [GOT]

Could A Rusty Coin Re-write Chinese-African History? [BBC]

Timberland Abington For Saks 5th Avenue [Marcus Troy]

The Book Collection That Devoured My Life [WSJ]

The 20 Lamest Jerseys Anyone Can Own [Bleacher Report]

12 Bizarre Korean Product Advertisements [The Smoking Jacket]

Choppin’ It Up With Greg Nice [Spizzy]

Dwight Howard: Sneaker Stories [TSG]

CEO Flow: Jay-Z’s Richest Rhymes [The Urban Daily]

An A-Z Guide To Endangered Animals And The A-Holes Who Keep Killing Them [Uproxx]

WIMH Interviews with Vandalyzm [WIMH]

10 Most Gangsta Hip-Hop Label Executives [Complex]

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