“I’ve Got My Mind Made Up…”

06.01.09 9 years ago 22 Comments

I’m getting the Palm Pre.

Being the creature of habit I am, I’ve stuck with Palm while many have jumped ship to the world of iPhones, Blackberries & HTC’s.  I’ve had my Treo 755 for close to two years and that doesn’t sit right sliver of technophile in me that enjoys a new product.  So I’ve patiently waited for Palm to do something new or fade into the sunset.  Thankfully they’ve put their nose to the grindstone and came up with the Pre.  A full touchscreen is intriguing, but what initially drew me in was the new Palm Web-Os operating system and the slide down keyboard.  I do too much typing on a phone and will never have a full touchscreen until they no longer exist.Despite the rave reviews I’ve read on the internet, the smart consumer in me said wait for the kinks to be worked out. But after talking to my friend who works at Sprint, who keeps it all the way real about phones, I was willing to be a guinea pig on this one.

I finally got a chance to go to his store this week and do a demo with the phone. I was blown away. The screen was amazing and responsive. The ability to keep three applications up and running at once is a nice and the keyboard gives it a touch of familiarity. The forty minutes I spent fumbling around with it doesn’t qualify me to review it, but I no longer have any qualms about it.

I’m happy it’s a Sprint exclusive, which will allow me to get it next week, but I’m also happy it’ll be going to Verizon a short six months later. I’m not naive in the fact that a vast majority of the country treats Sprint like the plague. I’ve never had problems with them, but for Palm’s sake they need Verizon and it’s larger base of customers for this phone to be a success. I’m also pleased that Palm made a phone and didn’t try to beat the iPhone outright. I’ve got two iPods already; I don’t need another one.

Regardless, the Palm Pre will be in my possession in a little over a week. I’m sure it’ll turn a few heads, but that’s not even my motivation considering I spent two years with the same phone (3 or more if you include the Treo 650).

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