Vic Mensa Continues His Impressive Streak With ‘Married To The King (Freestyle)’

10.26.15 2 years ago 2 Comments
Vic Mensa BW

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Words By Jake Krez

Be warned, Vic Mensa is beginning his assault on the hip-hop game at large and continues to do so on his latest offering, “Married to the King”. While this isn’t new necessarily, it is worth noting for those who haven’t taken notice as of yet. Since splitting with Kids These Days two years ago, the 21-year-old rapper has taken on a multitude of identities while simultaneously establishing himself as one of the nation’s pre-eminent voices and continues to do so here.

Fresh off performing Sunday at the United Center in his hometown of Chicago as part of the WGCI Big Jam, Mensa drops off yet another freestyle as fans desperately wait for his follow-up to Innanetape, which has been teased as Traffic, an album supposedly due before the end of the year. While that is still yet to be seen or heard from, we do have some more bars to hold us over. Here, Mensa reflects his current environment, rhyming:

“We been living like the past can’t catch up
And we been living like these n****s can’t catch up
We been running these streets like it’s recess
I’m so aggressive man I keep ‘em on the defense”

His recent ‘freestyle’ releases have, in my opinion, been the most endearing aspect of Mensa as of late. Without the kind of innate sense for politicking that close friend Chance The Rapper oozes, Mensa often relies on the music to explain himself further. In that sense, he’s been using the verses like a sort of diary and here touches on both the life he’s found himself surrounded by and a re-affirmation of his allegiance to his longtime girlfriend.

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