7even:Thirty Is About To Log In To Heaven’s Computer

02.25.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

I’ve spoken about 7even:Thirty a few times before and I can’t overstate how insanely brilliant and talented this guy is. It’s been quite vexing recently to hear crappy, gimmicky music get confused as “creative” when it’s just a loud distraction to cover up the fact that these artists aren’t really that good on the mic. I’d rather invest my interest in the actually creative 7even:Thirty. The best part of his music is that, when you peel back the layers of his eccentricity, you still get a hell of a talented MC.

“I got psychiatrists rocking 3-D goggles smoking peace pipes, said they trying to see what I think like.”

Since the Mississippi native took his talents to Dallas, TX, he’s had the Lone Star State buzzing and anticipating his next project, Heaven’s Computer. Finally, we get the first visuals from the project in the form of “Twenty-Eleven”. The video is straightforward spitting that you have to respect.

And as a bonus, here’s another track from Heaven’s Computer called “Heaven’s Radio”.

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