8Ball & Maurice Garland Take The “Sonic Route” To Discuss New Album

07.25.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

With Nas’ late career defining new album, Frank Ocean’s controversial ride to the top of the charts and Rick Ross’ forthcoming project all dominating summer headlines, now is about as good a time as ever to plug 8Ball’s new LP, Life’s Quest. And instead of the generic write-up, it’s best to let the legend speak on the project himself…while cruising Atlanta in a cherry red Bentley GT with the King of The A, Maurice Garland, riding shotgun.

I told Mo’ the other day on G-Chat I thought the idea of riding around with an artist digesting new music was brilliant simply because that – and NOT computer speakers – is the true way to gain an understanding for the music. Hip-Hop, at least. I also told Mo’ I was low-key jealous I had never come up with the idea. Seriously, my black Camry may not be a Bentley, but ask Gotty, we rode through D.C. listening to everything from Master P to Boosie to Gucci while smoking cigs (him, not me).

Anywho, shout out to Maurice for the concept and here’s to more from the “Sonic Route” series in the future. And shout out to Ball for still dropping deep southern-fried mp3’s we can still soak up a small amount of game to all these years later. Go scoop Life’s Quest when you get the chance. And by “get the chance,” that would mean now.

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