Alley Boy On Jail, “The Real Atlanta” & Disconnected Rappers From His City

12.03.11 6 years ago 16 Comments

Alley Boy’s about good and damn tired of all you people associating his city with just strip clubs and an Atlanta Hawks team that looks like it may never get over the hump. During a sit-down with Ms. Rivercity and the good people at Traps N’ Trunks, the Duct Tape street general gave what proved to be his first interview since being released from jail. And that got me to thinking. For weeks, I saw various people tweeting “#FreeAlleyBoy” and I found myself confused. I had no clue dude even went away, let alone the reason he was locked up.

Turns out, buddy had been on the run for nearly two years and things finally caught up with him. After expanding on the reason for his brief hiatus, Alley then shifts focus to Atlanta, a topic he’s addressed in depth several times before. He’s apparently grown sick and discontent of the image he feels his city currently has. Alley says, for better or worse, he’s still in the streets and that he’ll never have to yell to the masses “the real is back” because he’d never leave in the first place.

Hmm. Well alright.

He doesn’t stop there however. Another peculiar quote, from an interview that had plenty of them, was, “Niggas don’t wanna hear a nigga flexin’ that ain’t in the muthafuckin’ streets like that no more.” Look, I’m not one to instigate or cause friction where there isn’t any, but if that doesn’t sound like two direct shots to two of Atlanta’s most celebrated rappers off the past 10 years, then I don’t know what is. Regardless, the entire clip is worth watching. I mean, it’s not Webbie in Walmart, but interesting nonetheless.

Respect: DGB via TNT

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