It Doesn’t Get Any Easier For Andrei Kirilenko

03.04.11 7 years ago 21 Comments

These are dark, dark days in the LeBron James fan club. With every missed potential game tying three-pointer, comes a barrages of tweets, texts, phone calls, smoke signals, pigeons carrying messages and pony delivered mail commenting on how I’m a “fool” for supporting “the most overrated athlete of all time.” That’s fine, I’ll take that. Change gon’ come, you muddasuckas. Change gon’ come. But know one thing, however, misery absolutely loves company.

The back end of last night’s double-header squared the suddenly incapable of winning Utah Jazz and the “Carmelo Anthony who?” Denver Nuggets. The game itself was quite entertaining, but ending is what was truly remarkable and heartbreaking all at once. After a late three to bring the Jazz within two points, longtime swingman Andrei Kirilenko had the least likely of all scenarios in the palm of his hands. With 1.2 seconds left in foruth, AK-47 somehow stole the inbounds pass and well, yeah, he blew it.

Head over to SBNation to hear the team’s radio announcer David Locke completely lose his mind over the play. Dee Dee Jernigan (remember her?) now has a relative in the “are-you-serious-how-the-hell-do-you-miss-that” family tree. But somehow, I have a feeling I know what all the comments will center around.

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