The Incredible Butterfingers Of Andray Blatche

12.27.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

There was no way we were going to tease Turkoglu for his failure to launch and let Andray Blatche slide for this despicable display of a fast break. While a select few feel that Hedo was “fouled,” Andray’s only excuse is being hacked by thin air as he costs his team two points with his midair shenanigans. Maybe he got torn in between doing a 360° windmill and bouncing it off the background before catching it behind his back for the reverse slam. Or maybe, he soaked his fingers in Grandpa Charlie’s peanut oil before the start of the game and it never fully absorbed in his skin.

Maybe he’ll be the first NBA’er allowed to wear the Nike Pro Combat Gloves. Don’t act like they wouldn’t have helped.

And wouldn’t you know, the two knuckleheads in the picture were suspended from playing against the Spurs last night because they were fightin’ in the club. They thugged out!

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