“The Old Heave Ho…”

12.08.09 8 years ago 5 Comments

The city of brotherly love was out in full effect to welcome back their prodigal son Allen Iverson last night.  And to reward them for their blind loyalty, AI AI² put on a show.  Andre Iguodala went off on the Denver Nuggets for 31 points.  And for all his efforts, his best shot of the night didn’t even count.  Turning around and casually heaving the ball the length of the court right after the half-time buzzer sounded, it rolled around the rim for effect before slinking through the nylon.

With the frequency in which we see these kinds of shots, David Stern might want to think about adding the full-court shot to the All-Star weekend.  It couldn’t do any worse than 2 Ball & they might actually get LeBron to participate… because we know he’s not practicing dunks in his spare time.

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