Video: Asher Roth XXL Freestyle

10.22.08 9 years ago 38 Comments

In the comments yesterday, Benny Blanco said:

I hear TSS talkin about all the dudes on the xxl cover but never Asher Roth I wanna know yall opinion on homie I personally just dunno about him yet I havent jumped on the band wagon quite yet gotta listen to more songs I guess

Well, here’s Asher’s XXL freestyle. It’s self-explanatory like an IKEA manual. He pales in comparison to his classmates. In undergrad we called this “biffing,” i.e. falling flat on your ass or face.

I don’t question whether or not Asher Roth has talent — the dude can rap. But knowing how to rap and needing to be a rapper are two totally different things. He fits neatly into a SubZero refrigerator box I’ve labeled “Too Many Rappers, Not Enough Fans.” (More on that later…)

I don’t know, Benny, we’ll see. I’ll probably be wrong about Asher Roth’s lack of necessity or impact on the game. He’ll probably be wildly successful and I might even own an Asher Roth LP this time net year. But to continue with our XXL Basketball Analogy…

Asher Roth is the white kid who comes to tryouts at the beginning of the season standing 6’1″, and no one knows much about him. Folks in the bleachers start whispering about how small he is, but the conversation usually ends when someone brings up his decent jumper — which looks awfully familiar. Yeah, he puts a couple points up every time but no one comes out against the kid, because he’s not hurting the game. In the crowd, everyone stands with their arms folded, thinking about Marshall. You know, Marshall the 6’10” white kid who stunned the division for three seasons but didn’t show up this year (something about going through Detox.) Yeah, that Marshall. Marshall who grew up playing street ball. The one whose gully fade-away J had all of us talking. Now we’re stuck with this semi-soft white kid from the burbs and we ain’t wanna say he’s a pussy… but… he’s just not Marshall. After all, you can’t teach height.

Oh, and I heard a rumor in the hallway. Marshall’s coming back to play again. Sooo… who’s this new guy again?

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