Video: Beanie Sigel Disses Jay-Z & T.I.

02.17.10 8 years ago 47 Comments

The black Rex Ryan is back like cooked crack or an angry ex. Like TC said earlier, it seems like Beanie listened to BP3 more than even Jay did. Meanwhile, Jigga is probably waiting for Beans to drop an album after The Reason.

Remember when Beanie dissed Jadakiss and the world went crazy? Yeah, this isn’t that. The only person excited seems to be that one guy holding the camera, orgasming co-signing.

This is less like a diss song and more like madlibs where Beanie takes Jay lines and inserts negative comments about Hov. I think we’ve found the formula for Beanie’s diss tracks:

Step 1: Listen to The Blueprint 3 five times
Step 2: Pick a song
Step 3: Write down lyrics
Step 4: Erase first half of each line
Step 5: Fill out as follows

[Insert accusation about Jay ditching the Roc] [original Jay line ending]
[Line about Jay selling out] [original Jay line ending]
[Threat against Jay’s well-being] [original Jay line ending]
[Insert line about age] [original Jay line ending

You can even try this from home. We’ll show you how:

The next Beanie Sigel diss for Jay-Z as determined by our Beanie Sigel Diss Calculator™

Jay sold the Roc now look where we are
He sold out like Caesar in a dark Caesar
I’ll shoot him in the face look at who we are
Jigga’s so old, he might really be God
Peace God

Voilà. Now you have your very own DIY Beanie Sigel diss record for Jay-Z.

As for the T.I. diss at the end, no clue what prompted that. But good luck with that one, too, Broad Street Bully.

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