Video: Black Eyed Peas Live On Oprah Winfrey Show

09.13.09 8 years ago 19 Comments

A few thoughts on The Black Eyed Peas performance*.

1. If Oprah wasn’t involved I might be inclined to believe this was a flash mob & not just a publicity stunt.

2. Where the hell does a group of people this large practice, let alone coordinate something like this?

3. The thing has gained so much momentum, they’ve created a viral campaign to teach these people to dance like the Peas. According to the official video:

“ had a great idea… after watching the flash mob surprise for oprah’s 24th season kickoff party – he thought it would be cool to create a video to teach the ‘oprah/black eyed peas dance’.”

4. I’m still amazed how far the Peas have come from their humble beginnings.

* I haven’t seen it yet. The episode airs Monday September, 14th to kick off Oprah’s 24th season…for those interested.

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