Blake Griffin Descends From The Charlotte Skies

03.08.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

“A part of Baron Davis’ soul dies every time Mo Williams throws an alley to Griffin”.David D.

You know, he’s right. It’s been awhile three weeks since I last spoke on Blake Griffin’s elevated theatrics, but that is not to say he has become any less entertaining. He has made the Clippers a must see circus act whenever they come into town and that in itself should not go understated. By now, my feelings on Blake’s ultimate place in Clippers history is known, and his 23 points, 13 rebounds and four assists a game only help my absurd claim. Last night, the man who never met a car he couldn’t vault over took his act to the Queen City to square off against the Bobcats.

Jalen Rose said the former Oklahoma Sooner is the best two foot leaper since Dominique Wilkins, which, in my eyes, may be a very accurate assesment. The clip doesn’t need much of an introduction other than the fact a turnover was forced and Mo Williams—who seems to have a new lease on life now that he has another freak of nature to lob the ball to—made a nice mid-court behind the back move only to throw the ball 15 feet in the air and watch Griffin come down with it. It was almost like seeing those whales jump out of the ocean because people know the moment is coming but still take pictures and ooh-and-ahh in amazement each time.

The Clippers eventually won the game, but you know the only way this clip would have been better? If Gus Johnson was calling the action. That man is the Blake Griffin of play-by-play.

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