Video: Chris Bosh Vs. Skip Bayless On ESPN’s “First Take”

09.14.11 6 years ago 25 Comments

Months removed from his last game and a year into the biggest free agent conquest in pro sports history, Chris Bosh has seen it all and certainly heard it all. Hell, I was there for his 1-18 debacle in Chicago right after the All Star Game, so chances are I’m part of the bash brigade that followed Bosh like a dark cloud all season. The Miami Heat forward traveled to Bristol, Connecticut, home of ESPN, to appear on First Take to square up against the show’s controversial and insanely popular personality, Skip Bayless. For anyone who marginally followed basketball last year, chances are the name “Bosh Spice” rings a bell (the phrase Bayless used to define Bosh’s “soft” on-court performances). Intended or not, the term went on to question the forward’s manhood and, even, sexuality.

Those topics and more obviously in mind, the two, along with Jemele Hill, discuss that and how justified the name was. It must be noted that both handled the situation in a classy and respectable manner. Chris, who’s rather well spoken, did not mind the criticisms of his game. His only problem stemmed from fact that his family takes pride in their name, which is understandable. I know I’d feel some type of way if people took my last name and made it a running joke, as would anybody. As for Skip, he said he’d stop using the name if Bosh’s performance vindicated him.

And that’s another thing. I’ll probably never totally see eye to eye with Bayless, but fact still remains he sticks to his opinion regardless of who he’s looking in the eye. Not a lot of people can actually say that about themselves.

Respect: SLAM

Bonus: Bosh, Bayless and Hill debate the NBA’s best player.

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