Chris Rock: Obama’s The White President You Can Trust

11.04.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

By now, either you’re voting for Mitt Romney or President Obama. How a person – who plans on voting – is still undecided some 48 hours before Election Day makes about as much sense as Jason Garrett’s late-game play calling. However, for those voters of the caucasian persuasion still on the fence, Chris Rock has just the President for you – Barack Obama.

As a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Friday, Rock launches into his own “fireside chat” with America running through the list of reasons Barack’s the “white” man for the job including having the third whitest name in America (“Barry”), he love for body surfing, his unique choice of a dog and once bursting into a two-step with Ellen DeGeneres.

The clip is more of a joke than an actual plea to vote for President Obama. So before launching into a soliloquy 6.3 people actually give a shit about how politics is corrupt (water is wet, too) and all that nonsense, remember two very important life lessons. It’s ok to laugh sometimes. And football is on.


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