Curren$y Attends Mardi Gras And Films Two Music Videos

02.24.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

Unless someone proves otherwise, this guy Curren$y lives the life most only fantasize about. His job NEVER drug tests. He gets to travel across the globe. He gets to perform his music in front of people who can repeat it word for word. He gets free clothes. And did I mention his job NEVER drug tests? Then to top things off, whenever he’s in town, he’s attends events like the ever-popular Mardi Gras.

The annual celebration remains near the top of my bucket list, but thanks to Spitta, this year’s party was captured on video and allowed to serve as the music videos for two records from his Super Bowl Sunday-inspired project, Here. “What Da Fuck” and “CrusieLife” are the soundtracks to Spit Vicious’ numbers as he maneuvers through the N’awlins streets interacting with the people who keep the spirit and originality of the third coast’s most popular city alive.

You’d have to ask David D. for confirmation, but from the outside looking in, it almost feels like Curren$y is the most popular present day entertainer in the N.O. not named Drew Brees.

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