The Denver Nuggets Amazing Four-Man Fast Break

11.24.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

Those who’ve bothered to keep up on NBATV or League Pass should be well aware the Denver Nuggets are one of the more exciting teams in the NBA to watch, and one doing so without a true “superstar.” Regardless, the merry band of court magicians pulled a fast break last night against Golden State which covered the length of the court, touched four players hands, required no dribbles and ended with an announcer referring to it as “pandemonium” (which would have definitely made Jim Ross proud).

My thoughts on the four individual players involved in the play are below:

— Kenneth Faried is just scrappy awesome. Despite the fact he’s a horrific free throw shooter, you want that guy on your team. He plays violently, attacks the glass with no regard for human life as Kevin Harlan would say and he’s the first NBA player with dreads who is actually really damn good. Kudos for him for starting the break with the steal.

— Andre Miller will go down as one of those underrated players from his generation. His full court pass to Corey Brewer may have not been Peyton Manning to Demariyus Thomas, but it’s definitely enough to earn a golf clap.

— Corey Brewer fits well on this team. I really believed he was going to translate into an awesome first-team All NBA defender coming out of Florida though.

— JAVALE MCGEE!!!! I’m telling you. For as goofy as the guy is, there’s some basketball skill in there that I’m pretty sure George Karl will uncover. He’s already started, actually.

The Nuggets easily dispatched Golden State 102-91, led by Andre Igoudala’s 29 points (21 in the second half) and Ty Lawson’s pesky defense on Stephen Curry.

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