Video: DJ Steph Floss Vlog Day 75 (ECF Game 5)

05.29.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

We showed you the real Cleveland yesterday. DJ Steph Floss shows you the tourist side of the city, i.e. The Q Arena and any other sporting venue. On Day 75 of his vlogging exodus, Steph gives you footage before and after Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Championship, as well as his appearance in Sole Collector and spinning at the game’s after party.

I will say this though, although Cleveland may be on the verge of becoming derelict, it’s night life scene is vicious. Makes me smh down here in Columbus.

& kudos to Steph for his Flipcam skills. Dude walks around filming his self and shit’s crystal clear. Big Sean needs to either put you on salary or teach a course.

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