Video: Drake Featuring Trey Song – “Successful” Live

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05.03.09 22 Comments


Of course, you’ve seen everywhere how Drake performed @ The Loft last night in the A. There’s footage floating around and there was supposed to be a stream of the performance (not sure how that went down). As well, TSS was in the building, so there will be our recap and more footage coming.

While it was going down last night, Contra™ sent me a message & said “Yo, we got the camera in.” This was a feat because cameras weren’t allowed. Nevertheless I figured that it would be some classic internet grainy footage that would fail to encapsulate the visual greatness of the performance, which is the normal case when aggins slide in the Flip cam & such.

But let me make this declaration: Contra™ does nothing “normal.” If he said a “camera,” he probably meant one commonly used on Hollywood sets. He & the homie BkJaxon outdid themselves.

This song has been on constant repeat since 4.17.09.

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