Video: Drake Performing “Fireworks” Live @ Rites Of Spring

04.25.10 8 years ago 14 Comments

Full update later but for now I wanted to post a few pics from Drake’s performance Friday @ Vanderbilt’s Rites of Passage festival. The good folks over there handling press access are always professional & completely accommodating so I was able to snag a handful of good shots (click here to see more of those). It’s always a pleasure to be close to the stage without having to elbow your way through the ruckus or getting trampled in the process, all for the sake of taking pictures for a crummy website. The only catch was that we weren’t allowed to capture video for some of the performers, which was a bummer but dah well.

When I did go back to gen pop though, I managed to grab a few performance clips, including the one below with Drizzy performing a verse from “Fireworks” – which he said will be the first song on Thank Me Later – and part of “Killers,” sans Nipsey of course. More to come, once I overcome my video editing deficiencies. Yeah, I guerilla’ed another clip or two lol.

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