Meet Sherman Klump, The Pissed Off Philadelphia Eagles Fan

11.16.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

Deciding on whether or not to go with the above as a title was torture. That’s somebody’s child, you know? But when you take the time to fire up a computer, hit record and film yourself blowing a blood vessel in your neck in a completely empty room, isn’t that almost like welcoming any and all jokes? Yep, I thought so. As a Cowboys fan, witnessing the Eagles struggle this year has been one of the great moments of this NBA-less fall. For one, they’re a division rival. And two, I despise Philly more than any other team in the NFC East, including Washington.

But after seeing this clip? Ah man, this is beautiful stuff. My brother Brad sent me this video yesterday of an Eagles fan losing his mind over Philly’s most recent loss to the Cardinals on Sunday. It’s somewhere in between funny and amazing once you realize there are people out there who do stuff like this. No Eagle is safe from Prof. Klump’s wrath as he blasts Vick for overthrowing receivers, dubs the defense as the worst the NFL has ever seen all the while calling for Andy Reid’s job. He also criticizes Reid’s weight resulting in one of the finest “pot calling the kettle black” situations I can remember in quite some time. So, yes, it’s reaching DEFCON 1/code red levels on the Eagles bandwagon right now and this video is evidence the empire is crumbling even before Thanksgiving dinner is made. The only ugly moment occurs when Klump drops racial slurs (including a burrito reference) calling for defensive coordinator Juan Castillo to be dragged around the city while people spit on him.

This is the product of having too much time on your hands and not enough friends will do. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to forward this link to every Eagles fan I know.

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