Video: Ed Lover “C’mon Son” Part 14

06.06.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

Ed Lover’s back with Part 14 in his C’mon Son series, brought to you in part by King Uncaged & Nike Dri-Fit Short-Sleeve Mock Turtlenecks. It’s been about six months since part seven surfaced and your guess is good as mine as to where the other seven episodes are. In reality, I don’t even care because much like Skillz’s Hip-Hop Confessions, these pop-up so infrequently that each one is almost like watching for the first time. That works just fine for me.

LeBron pulls double duty with his pending free agency & Delonte/Gloria triangle, Kobe’s infamous photoshoot, Elin makes her introduction to the show & a slew of other people get their just deserts over the nine minute clip. Yep, nine minutes. And with Ed Lover being in rare form throughout, this is well worth your time spent watching.

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