Video: Emilio Sparks Interviews YN

08.17.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

The Great Dego a.k.a. The Charlie Rose of Hip-Hop a.k.a. Emilio Sparks put the capo of Rap Radar in the hot seat for an interesting interview where YN reveals he left The Source over a rating dispute over Kurupt’s Kuruption!

Intrigued, I asked the West Coaster of the Crew, K1NG, how many Cigs would we give Kuruption! had it been released today. While we both agreed standouts like “We Can Freak It,” “Gimmewhutchagot,” and “C-Walk” made both discs worth perusing through, akin to most double discs, Kurupt’s teeter-tottering between greatness and mediocrity bogged down the LP’s overall value. So 3 Cigs would be an understandable rating.

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