The Cast Of “Family Guy” Raps Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”

11.26.12 5 years ago 17 Comments

There’s something about Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” that has the majestic ability to produce as many odd covers as humanly possible. Nearly two years ago, Angie Martinez stole the show as the Hot 97 crew found a brief moment of down time to film their rendition. Now this creative fellow (not sure of his name) took on the unique task of doing the same thing – only this time his trump card was using the voices of Family Guy characters.

Love or hate the song, credit has to be given to buddy for not only knowing all the words, but being able to rap those words in the different voices. I was particualry impressed with his Herbet impersonation, which was pretty spot on. For as thumbs up-worthy as this is, I probably would’ve donated some money to his PayPal account had he covered “Pop That” though. Imagine hearing Greased Up Deaf Guy doing French’s part, Herbet for Rozay’s, Tom Tucker for Drake and Quagmire for Weezy.


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