Floyd Mayweather Thinks He’s As Great As You Think He Thinks He Is

09.16.11 6 years ago 27 Comments

David told me awhile back my choices in allegiances obviously imply I tend to root for everything society hates. From the Cowboys, to Cam’ron to Cleveland’s exiled king, my loyalties are more than apparent with Floyd Mayweather falling right in line. And perhaps you’ve heard, there’s a fight this weekend involving the last name on that list. As with most marquee boxing matches these days – an almost extinct animal – HBO’s 24/7 has been the main source of anticipation building for Saturday night’s showdown between Money Mayweather and Victor Ortiz.

Late night Internet navigating led me across this video montage. I’m not sure if it’s official or something a fan put together, but either way it’s pretty dope and basically the reason why those who love Floyd, love him and those who despise Floyd, despise him. With an ominous opera-like backdrop, Mayweather explains why he is as great as his self-spawned hype machine builds him up to be. Until someone knocks dude out, and it may very well be Ortiz, everything he said here was the stone cold truth. Mayweather has been the best thing running in boxing this decade, possibly the entire generation, and largely the reason the sport even has a pulse in 2011. In all seriousness, take Floyd away from boxing and all there is is Pacquiao – a dominant fighter in his own right, but nowhere near the personality Floyd is (very, very important in the boxing landscape) – and a bunch of really good to decent fighters 70% of America wouldn’t recognize if they served them drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Enough of all that however. That’s another time and another place. Who’s having a fight party? I’m coming and I promise to bring beer.

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