Fools Gold Opens Retail Store In Brooklyn, Leaves Competition Stuck With Silver

06.30.11 7 years ago

Literally, you’re not just walking into a store to buy a record. You’re walking into a store to experience an environment. And that environment is an embodiment of what (Fools Gold) represents.

There are so many things A-Trak and his Fools Gold imprint are doing right. From signing-up bubbling talents of any genre to partnering with Hitachi for a cutting-edge web-series, these guys continually use their approachable indie feel to stay directly in touch with what their demographics desire, via ways larger labels are too far removed to embrace. Now, to further elaborate the personable appeal that’s gotten them this far, FG has done something that has become a rarity since Fat Beats closed up shop last year. They opened their own retail shoppe for the label, called 536 Metropolitan. No matter if the Brooklyn storefront succeeds or not, the customized feel behind every detail will surely please loyalists and seal the deal on any potential fan who might mosey on in.

Keep in mind, this label started less than four years ago. And this is where they’re at. If you’ve got a label of your own and are wondering what’s next, do yourself a solid and check out the framework behind Fools Gold in KarmaLoop’s quick visual review of 536’s grand opening.

Sharp dudes, right there.

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