Video: Freddie Gibbs “Murda On My Mind”

10.13.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

It’s only fitting that Yours Truly helped create this video as their camera work is the perfect accompaniment for this clip of “Murder On My Mind” by Freddie Gibbs. Freddie’s on that short list of MCs that I can listen to and feel like he’s speaking directly to me without any pretense or posturing. And the video is shot in a way that perfectly mimics his style: dark, straight-forward, no-nonsense and raw.

“Freddie was pretty twisted on Henny, Fat Tire and Swisher by the time this shoot actually happened. After we wrapped, before taking off to Keelay’s house, Freddie fell asleep sitting up on the studio couch. Freddie drives slow homie, coming across the Bay Bridge I swear he never went above 40 mph. In between takes, Freddie worked on his Luther Vandross impression, but had to quit because Pimp C already did that. The upcoming cut of “BoxframeCadillac” goes even deeper.”

Peep the candid words from an MC who obviously has ascended to the top of most of the Crew’s “We Got Now.”

Oh yeah, having already seen the clip for “BoxframeCadillac,” it’s fire.

Via Yours Truly

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