SPIN Chronicles The History Of Video Game Samples In Rap, Please Thank Them

12.05.12 5 years ago 33 Comments

Rap and video game culture have been well interwoven over the years. Their relationship has led to a few “A-Ha!” moments when you hear a song sample a game from your childhood to your latest multiplayer marathon. It would be handy to have some sort of list recording notable video game samples in songs just for fun and/or your next useless Hip-Hop knowledge battle on a rap forum. I could do the research myself but that would involve utilizing time and energy I don’t feel like expending. Thankfully SPIN and the Internet did all the work for me.

Check out the magazine’s cheat sheet on the vast history of video game samples and references in rap. It doesn’t matter if you’re a proud neckbeard or haven’t played a game since ’88. You’ll be bound for a few forehead-slapping moments after you listen to this history lesson running just over 6 minutes.

I must say I didn’t catch any hint of Golden Axe on “Money, Cash, Hoes” until now even though Jay-Z’s hit samples the first damn note from the original. Well played, Swizz. Maybe we were too harsh on his contributions to rap music after all? Just kidding! I almost had you there, huh?

H/T: Kotaku

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