Game Teaches Gang Signs You Probably Don’t Want To Toss Up

02.28.13 5 years ago 17 Comments

Just moved to Cali? Having a tough time making friends? Thinking about joining a gang? In “you’d-be-a-fool-to-try-this” news, Game’s got you covered. And by covered, I mean “covered.” How about three quick thoughts about this Gangbangin’ 101 tutorial from Jayceon?

1. Some of us probably know people in gangs. I’m not in a gang. I’ve never been in a gang. At 27, it’s probably safe to say I’ll never be in a gang either. However, I’d pay to be a fly on the wall when a group of real live Bloods or Crips watched this.

2. Game was right. Throwing up the Westside was a lot cooler than trying to throw up an “E” for Eastside. All credit goes to Tupac for this.

3. If you’re really going to internalize this video, take a field trip to a hood near you and try throwing up these signs because some rapper on a YouTube video put you on game, you really are the village idiot.

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