“Point Out The Bounce…”

10.21.09 8 years ago 14 Comments

It’s a known fact that most oxygen-breathing males will watch the Olympics just to beast @ the female gymnasts. They’re such cute little fairies, so lightweight…and limber…the overuse of makeup that makes them look hooker-ish…and they ride that bar thing and…anyways.

I can’t speak whatever language they’re speaking on this vid but I’m sure they’re discussing 19-year-old* Colombian Jessica Gil Ortiz’s relative cuteness in comparison to the previous gymnast at this week’s World Gymnastics Championships. Marveling @ her eye makeup, her skimpy, fiery costume and discussing the finer points of bouncing quarters off her ass. Yeah…I’m getting off track again. Whatever. I couldn’t follow the translation of the announcer’s color commentary, until shorty flipped and landed on her flippin’ head.

While my rendering may be slightly off, I think when buddy said “Ohh lalalalalalala” that translates to “oooooh shit!”

*Emphasis on her age so that you can beast guilt-free.

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