“The Darkest Day In The History Of Hulkamania”…

09.17.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

After my top dog bombarded me with trivial unnecessities from the Untold History of the WWE for 15 minutes straight over the phone, I figured I had to check out what he dubbed “the best magazine ever.” One ‘rillo later, I was elongating my raspy dialogue like Randy Savage in agreement. Not only did this Encyclopedia Hitanica of Wrestling bring back great memories, it enlightened me to a few missed moments from periods I was too young to remember.

Literally spotted between vintage pictures of Hogan escorting Cyndi Lauper to the VMAs and Shawn Michaels heartbreaking his ex-partner Marty Jannetty through Brutus’ barbershop window, I happened to catch a small screenshot of the video above. As you can see, the legend percentage is off the charts.

Hulkamania. Nature Boy. The Taker. Macho Man and Piper.

To this day, those superstars have held the test of time and shined brighter than 95% of the grapple-jockeys to come forward since, and this classic scene is the only time in history that combination of domination has ever been filmed together. If that’s not enticing enough to grasp your attention, keep a close eye on Paul Bearer.

Anyone who says they can follow Paul Bearer’s deranged and twisted off-camera facial expressions and keep a straight face is a flat out liar.

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