Video: “I’m Going To Google You, Bitch!”

01.08.09 9 years ago 33 Comments

Tsk tsk.

Common courtesy would have been to allow the young lady to finish before disrupting her, thus giving her a chance to at least wipe. But there’s no guarantees that she had plans of doing that anyways because if you listen closely you can hear her saying she doesn’t give a fuck. Ol’pissy panties ass.

Seriously, with the pervasive amount of cameras in our society, is it safe to do anything in public any more? Does “I’m going to Google you, bitch!” have the potential to become the “I’m stylin’ on you” of 2009?

Anyways, there is currently a Facebook group* with an APB out for the young lady’s identity.

* Reportedly spearheaded by R. Kelly.

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