What’s Next For Jay-Z?

09.23.10 7 years ago 33 Comments

Each time I get into the mindset to write a post about Jay-Z, he makes another quick power move that usurps the last. He’s still transitioning to be seen as more than a rapper by fans and less as Beyonce’s husband to Middle America. Instead of overrunning the cup with coverage, here’s a quick rundown of several significant news bits his name has been attached to.

— Revealing plans to release a new book, Decoded, set to hit stores in November.

— As previously mentioned, possibly expanding his sports ownership portfolio to soccer.

Signing Will & Jada’s daughter Willow Smith, 9, to a record deal. Smart & strategic but ultimately a weak play that makes Roc Nation seem more like a pet project than a bonafied record label. I’m sure Beans is sitting somewhere steaming.

— Rumored by Q-Tip to be recording a new LP for spring as well as releasing an EP with little brother Kanye, which will also release in November.

— Receiving a place in the Guinness Book for being one part of the world’s “power couple” for 2010.

–There will be more millions to be made come New Year’s Eve when he ushers in 2011 with Coldplay, live in Vegas.

— Lastly, this appearance on the cover of Forbes 400 alongside Warren Buffett and Steve Forbes. The same Warren Buffett who Jay once rhymed himself to be the Black embodiment of. In the full interview for Forbes’ first “power summit,” the two money players discuss earning success and being able to give back. They also delve into the music with Jay sharing the story of him almost losing The Blueprint 3.

With few items left to cross off his to-do list, all Shawn Carter has to do is die and I have a gut feeling he’ll be successful at that as well.

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