Here’s Vintage Footage Of Jaz-O And Jay-Z Rapping In 1989

02.26.13 5 years ago 27 Comments

Let this footage of Jaz-O and Jay-Z rapping nearly a quarter century ago to EPMD’s “So Whatcha Sayin'” be proof of one thing. No, not that fast rhyming makes damn near anything sound superhuman regardless of what’s said. No, not that the effects on this video were both comical and impressive all at once. No, not the fact this video is older than a good chunk of people who’ll read this. Rather, something more inspiring.

This was shot in 1989. Jay’s first album didn’t drop until 1996. And he didn’t become a crossover mainstay until 1998. Nothing comes over night, especially success. Not even one as preordained as it seems in 2013 as Jay-Z’s. Hustle now to live like a king later. And don’t stop hustling after becoming one.


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