When John Madden Interviewed Mike Tyson

11.21.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

In December 1995, Mike Tyson was a recently freed man following his conviction and subsequent serving of three years for rape. On his journey to becoming world champion once again, Iron Mike crossed paths with John Madden for an interview that is equal parts magical and considerably forgotten in both iconic careers.

The two titans in their own worlds weave in-and-out of topics ranging from a thumb injury that postponed his Buster Mathis, Jr. bout, his favorite fight, the quest to remain humble and immerse himself back into society and if he thought he’d ever return to his glory years.

The Mike seen nowadays is more jolly. Interestingly enough – and to be expected – Mike’s demeanor here was colder. Given what we know now, Mike would find more success. Yet, none to the extent which his ’80s run garnered. Kid Dynamite confessed to Madden as he grew older, he struggled with the battle of remaining calm; a testament to the barbaric nature of his career and something John could relate to dealing with his own violent bloodsport.

Nostalgia provides the true magnitude of the six minute clip. Madden would see his celebrity only continue to skyrocket with the success of the NFL, but more so his timeless video game series. Tyson, on the other hand, never gained saw the in-ring prosperity he once knew before prison and before Buster Douglas. And would then lose a man he referred to as a true confidant less than a year later following one of his own fights. Somehow, however, Iron Mike battled demons both professionally and personally to become a pillar of everything awesome about outspoken entertainers.

What’s to learn from said clip? This. Sports tell some of the best stories. Often because the characters write their memoirs in real time.

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