Jon Stewart Travels Into Enemy Territory, Ethers Bill O’Reilly

05.17.11 7 years ago 25 Comments

When we last left Jon Stewart, he was busy laying into FOX News the same way your mother did when you brought home a less than stellar report card. While the segment was hilarious in its own right, many wondered what the consequences would be once the figureheads over at said station were able to pick their jaws off the floor and gather their composure. Even TSS commenter Scott questioned Stewart’s on-the-spot debating prowess if such an event presented itself.

Well, it did and J-Stew waltzed right into the separate and still not equal studios of FOX.

Still convinced Common is a “gangster rapper” who supports the killing of police officers and all-around bigoted individual (imagine if Waka was invited for poetry night), Jon kept his cool as Bill O’Reilly attempted to cut him off time and time again to prove his point, which was based primarily around Com’s visit to Assata Shakur. Once given the floor to talk, the show’s guest responded with fact after fact and citation after citation which left O’Reilly stumbling for words, altering his defense and eventually wanting to commit hari kari. The Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Bono comparison was especially noteworthy and one O’Reilly was not prepared for and essentially ruined any rebuttal for the remainder of the debate.

Nevertheless, this isn’t totally bashing FOX or its supporters. Credit is given to Bill taking the entire sonning in stride. At least he didn’t pull an Andrew Bynum and take a cheap shot after the outcome had already be decided.

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